As more businesses are using Facebook Ads, the competition has grown to the point where just creating a Facebook Ad is not enough to have a well performing campaign. 

With the increase in competition, it is essential that your Facebook Ad strategy is spot on from ad copy, ad image and targeting strategy. 

GoStrategicMarketing has brought on a Facebook Ads Specialist Coach to our team, in order to ensure that campaigns are converting for clients and that goals are being achieved.

We don't just create an ad and then revisit it at the end of the month, instead our team is daily monitoring our client's ads and optimizing them for the best results possible!

If your business has never ran an ad before or you have ran many ads, our team of experts will guide you through the entire process and make sure that you are satisfied by our Facebook Ads services!

  • Let our team of experts create well performing ads
  • Keeping your profits high by keeping your Cost Per Conversion Down
  • Ability to build attractive ads that get conversions for less than $3
  • Pricing between $1,000/month to $2,500/month depending on complexity of the ad campaign


Testimonials From Previous Clients:

    • “I'm so thankful for Phil and his incredible knowledge. I hired Phil to create, target and manage my Facebook ad campaigns and he went above and beyond, consistently monitoring and perfecting them for optimal performance and economy. Phil was in regular contact with me regarding updates, status, and recommended changes. He was patient, explanatory and professional. I knew my Facebook ads were in great hands with Phil, and the results certainly prove it! If you are looking for someone who goes the extra mile for your success with your Facebook ad campaigns, you've just found him. Thank you, Phil. I look forward to working with you again on the next campaign.” -Robin Arutt, M.Ed., INHC, CH


    • “Phil successfully drove Facebook traffic to my webinar landing page using Facebook ads. He was very easy to work with and continued to make changes to the ads until he found a winning solution. Phil kicks butt at Facebook ads. When I struggled to get mine to convert, Phil stepped in and had it converting at far below the $2 per click rate I was getting. Phil is now my go-to man for Facebook ads!” -Tracey Osborne


    • “From June through December 2014 I invested $2128 in Facebook advertising including your fees. New business written during that time period is expected to generate over $6,000 in commission for the first 12 months the policies stay on the books. Well done!” -Bob Vineyard


    • "I suggest Phil Glutting - he is a top notch quality guy and has worked with me for a long time and I always trust him and he is very reasonable and very nice. It is the truth Phil - you are one of those guys who is the real deal and always honest and easy to work with" - Rachel Feldman